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Set default option for select menus in Angular 2+


I recently needed to add a `please select` default option for <select> menus with a null value. There is a lot of confusing information out there for what should be a simple task, so here […]

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Touchbar Command Palette


With Vs Code now supporting the touch bar on the new Mac Book Pros, I have created a little plugin that gives you quick access to some commonly used commands.  Check it out in the VS […]

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Generate Picture Element in WordPress


With responsive images you have 2 option s srcset (the default WordPress method) or the picture element. I prefer to use this so wrote a little helper to add to my WordPress Projects.

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CSS Comments plugin for VS Code


I have just released my first extension for VS Code!  It adds nice snippet support for from CSS, SCSS and LESS files. Check it out in the VS Code Marketplace Or if you would like to […]

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Widths and Heights in Javascript


Widths and heights can be a bit of a minefield in JavaScript and jQuery here is brief overview: Heights Object Code Type Description document.body.clientHeight JavaScript Inner height of the HTML document body, including padding but […]